Australian Author of Children’s Books and Teen Books: August 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Win a Copy of Mac Slater, Coolhunter or an 80GB ipod

Head to the Home and Away website, tell them your definition of cool and you could win a copy of Mac Slater, Coolhunter 1: The Rules of Cool. The site has just published an interview on Mac and I.

You can also hunt cool and win an 80 GB ipod over at




Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Podcast Interview Online


Valerie Khoo from Sydney Writers Centre recently interviewed me about Mac Slater, Coolhunter, and how I go about the business of writing for children and young peeps. The podcast covers the original idea for the series, the daily challenge of facing the blank page and the best bits about writing for a living. 

It just hit the web at:



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mac Slater, Coolhunter Hits Shelves

Mac Slater, Coolhunter 1: The Rules of Cool is officially launched and on shelves Australia and New Zealand-wide. Author and actress, Judy Nunn (pictured here with me), launched the book to a receptive crowd at the recent Byron Bay Writer's Festival. The weather was perfect and we had a flying bike in the house, parachute hanging from ceiling. Flyke guy, Ed Gray, provided the three-wheeled flying machine and rumour has it that he flew home from the launch. My other sessions at the fest went smoothly, too. I loved the children's tent session where the audience and I brainstormed a pretty wild adventure for the third Mac Slater, Coolhunter book.
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