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Monday, April 20, 2009

Reading Matters May 2009

Reading Matters is a super-cool Young Adult literature fest happening 28-30 May in Melbourne. I'll be speaking there this year alongside authors James Roy, John Green, Cathy Cassidy, MT Anderson, Libby Gleeson and lots more. So, if you're in Melbs, come and say hi. It's at the State Library of Victoria.

Before the fest I'm trying to read some James Roy and John Green. Have just finished Nick Hornby's Slam and Markus Zusak's Fighting Ruben Wolfe. Both excellent.

Hey, and check out the book on the programme cover. I hear it's really good.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it's yr life - Meet the Authors

My new Young Adult novel, it's yr life (Random House), hits Australian shelves, June '09. I co-wrote the book with Tempany Deckert, who I worked with on TV series, Home and Away back in the day. (We both played weird bogan characters with attitude). 

Tempany wrote her half of the book from her home in Hollywood and I wrote mine from Byron Bay. The results are funny, unpredictable and full of secrets. There's more on it's yr life here.

There'll be a book trailer, a writing competition and a bunch of other stuff soon and we've just put the five-minute author chat on Youtube.

We'll be guest blogging over at Inside a Dog in June so drop by and say 'hi'.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get Nits in Bookstores Soon!

My 2-book series, Nitboy, ( is coming to a store near you, May 1. Check soon for the animated trailer. A Nitboy animated TV series is also currently in development. 

Nitboy is about Lewis, a kid with the worst case of nits in world history. His mum and deputy principal are desperate to shave his head but Lewis has had nits so long that he's kind of attached to them. He sees them as his pets. Meanwhile, in the dense forest on Lewis's head, Ned, the world's first-ever jumping louse, has just been born. And the nits are poised to take over the town, the country, the planet.

It's a David and Goliath battle as Lewis tries to hang on to his hair and his 'head mice' no matter what it takes.

The illustrations are by the extraordinary Heath McKenzie (

Great Mac Slater Coolhunter 2 Review!

Mac Slater, Coolhunter 2: I Heart NY has just been given a great review over at:

The blog reviews lots of great reads for upper primary / early high school boys. It's worth bookmarking.



DMag and The Shak

Check out the latest issue of DMag, on shelves now, for a fun piece on Mac Slater, Coolhunter 2: I Heart NY, that reveals how you can become a coolhunter! 

And don't forget to watch Nine Network show, The Shak on Wednesday 13 May when Picasso gives me a grilling on coolhunting, making up stories and we also get the lowdown on her mystery knee-scab.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Change the World in Five Minutes Blog

I previously mentioned my new Change the World in Five Minutes blog but I forgot to put up the link, so here it is:

I'm challenging myself to spend five minutes every day changing the world in some small way and, when I get time, I'll blog some of my actions. Hope they give you some juice for your own world-changing mission.

This idea is based on my film, Change the World in Five Minutes Every Day at School. You can watch it here. As the We Are What We Do folks say: 

Small Actions x Lots of Peeps = Big Change


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Soar on Movie Extra June 2

My 20-minute movie, Soar, will screen on the Movie Network on June 2. It's part of a new series called Flickerfest on Extra. Soar will be in episode three.

Soar is about everyone's worst travel nightmare - getting stuck on a plane next to an obnoxious dork when there are no spare seats.

The film has previously screened on Qantas Inflight and the US Sundance Channel as well as TV screenings in Scandinavia, Palestine, Israel and lots of other interesting places. Soar was written by Damon Herriman and stars Damon Herriman and Rupert Reid. 

Hope you catch it! For more on Soar, you can click here.

Latest Articles - DMag and TXT4U

Here is an article on my new book, Mac Slater Coolhunter 2: I ♥ NY from TXT4U, a really cool kids' liftout in the Gold Coast Bulletin written by student reporters.


Halogen Young Leaders Day March 2009

On Wed 18 March I was lucky enough to speak at the Halogen Young Leaders Day at the Brisbane Convention Centre where almost 4000 year 6 and 7 students rocked the house.

My talk was titled 'Be Scary', the fave saying of Mac Slater, star of my new book series. It was all about being bold enough to do the thing you love most in the world, something you love so much that time disappears. You know when you look up at the clock and three hours have gone by? For me, that thing is writing books, making movies, telling stories.

The crowd were so juiced and so loud they almost blew me off my feet. Check them out below! Thanks to Halogen and to all the young leaders. It was a great opportunity for me to crystallise my ideas on what I think's important.

Images from Halogen Foundation Mobile Me Multimedia Gallery.
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