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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inside a Dog Blog


I’m a little late announcing this but Tempany Deckert, the co-writer on my new novel it’s yr life, and I are blogging this month over at Inside a Dog (, the YA book site.

We’re blogging about how our backgrounds as actors, writers, directors in TV and film have affected our work as authors. We’re also talking about the experience of writing a book via email and how the web can be used to find new ways of telling stories.

Hope you get a chance to head over to the doghouse and join the debate.




Wednesday, June 24, 2009

it's yr life IM / Email Writing Competition

You're invited to write a micro-story based on the writing process Tempany Deckert and I used on our email-written book, IT’S YR LIFE. We’d love you to write a story as a series of emails or IMs between two characters. You have to tell your story in just eight messages (four from each character) of three or four lines each message. You can either write it by yourself or with a writing partner. Full deets are at

It’s open to any Australian resident under eighteen. The winner will have their entry published over at and two hours of writing advice and feedback from Temp and I.

You can email us the story or you can submit via Myspace.

Good luck! Can’t wait to read what you come up with.


it's yr life - YA Novel on Shelves


it's yr life, my new YA novel, co-written via email with my friend, Tempany Deckert,  is on shelves now. Temp and I met as teen actors on TV series, Home and Away, and we've re-teamed to write this novel. 

Last week, we met in Sydney and did some interviews for TV Week, New Idea, TV Hits, radio and so on. It was the second time we'd seen each other in thirteen years! This, despite having written a book together between our homes in L.A. and Byron Bay.

The book's getting some good reviews. Here are the latest:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nit Boy: 3D Animated Trailer Online


We’ve just put the finishing touches on the animated trailer for my new book series, Nit Boy. I love it! We're currently developing a TV series based on the characters, too. 

The trailer was made as a collaboration between friends and new-found family of mine in Sydney, Melbourne and North Coast NSW. We've sent it back and forth to one another over the past few weeks and, finally, here it is...

I’d love you to rate it, favourite it or comment if you get a chance.

Cheers. Soon I'll post an update on update on my adventures at Sydney Writers Festival and Reading Matters in Melbourne. It's been a wild couple of weeks.



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