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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Changing the World... Again?


Someone left this as an Anonymous comment on my blog today:
'I know your really busy but did you quit trying to change the world? I think that's sad if you did!'

But, lately, I've had a couple of books published and I've been writing a lot but not necessarily thinking much about small world-changing actions. The equation goes that
Small Actions x Lots of Peeps = Big Change. And I really believe in this.

I'm working on the Whiteout project with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, creating an e-book with high school students that focusses on the destruction of the reef. We'll present it at Brisbane Writers Fest this year. But I should be doing a lot more and building on what I began with my film.

So thanks Anonymous. I'm gonna get off my butt and do something again. Watch this space.



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