Australian Author of Children’s Books and Teen Books: September 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making Stories

I found the image above on this blog: A Beautiful Mess (Super-cool chick and her boyfriend's music is great, too. She found the image here). The sign captures just how I feel right now.

Here's a thought that occurred to me yesterday while I was thinking about my story, driving through the hills, looking over the beach. I came home and jotted it.

'Sometimes when you’re writing, you become lost in fragments of thought and then, all of a sudden, it feels like these broken, scattered bits merge together to make something whole. And, for a moment, it feels as though you have something that’s perfect. A story that feels as much a part of you as your ear or your arm or nose. 

This doesn’t last long and you end up smashing it again and, at some undefined future date, it comes back together in another form. It’s still the same parts of you but they slot into different spaces and make something else (im) perfect.'


Monday, September 28, 2009 Top Ten

Here's my top ten at I vote TED the best site on the superhighway. The coolest free video and audio talks ever. I download them for long drives.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and it's a conference that happens in California each year with the most amazing speakers on earth... from Michelle Obama to Al Gore to Richard Branson to Bono and loads of others you've never heard of, but who are equally as fascinating.

Not a TED talk but such a really interesting idea.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brisbane Writer's Fest Highlights 2009


I recently spoke at Brisbane Writer's Fest which I loved. The beautiful State Library of QLD, sunshine, the river, coffee, telling stories, lots of sessions, lunches, breakfasts and parties. Too good. Here are some pics and, at the end, a few fest highlights.

Nit Boy audience in the Breezeway

They were a fun and wild crowd.

Brisbane's State Library by night.
Photo by the multi-talented Amber Melody.

Griffith University students performing scenes from my book, Mac Slater, Coolhunter 2:
I Love NY

The audience in the Mac Slater 2: I Love NY book gig.

Some Fest Highlights

* The incredible audiences across the board, especially the four-hundred kids each morning in the Breezeway tent between the Library and the Gallery of Modern Art. They were so juiced.

* Getting tips on research and fascinating pirate facts from Sherryl Clark.

* Meeting the affable Scott Monk and the lovely Melaina Faranda.

* Catching up with James Roy. He's a funny man with an encyclopedic rolodex of one-liners at the ready. He was a hit at the fest.

* Hanging out with all the cool publishing people, editors etc. who support the festival. Kids' book folks tend to be good humans all-round.

* A funny session with Jack Heath and Charlotte McConaghy where we spoke about the perils of starting out as storytellers at a young age.

* Skyping with Tempany Deckert on the big screen from LA in our it's yr life session

* Seeing Belinda Jeffrey and Rebecca Sparrow in a Fest Fringe battle-of-the-writers event. I heard Belinda's session at BWF was a scream, too.

* Some thoughts on a zen approach to my upcoming US release from Andy Griffiths.

* The grapes in the green room.



Buzz, Ganesh, Research and Writing

I'm back in the writing seat after six weeks book touring (will blog those adventures soon). I'm currently drifting from outlining to freewriting chapters and back to the outline. 

It’s a fairly research-heavy book that I'm working on. The most research I’ve ever had to do. This makes it harder to just dive in and start writing the entire book until I’ve reached a certain level of mastery over the material. I’m building the world of the story in images, turning my office into that world so that ‘the walls become the world all around’ (in Where the Wild Things Are parlance). I want to dive into the jungle and be inside the story when I’m writing. I don’t want to come out until it’s done. But I have to. Every afternoon. Each time I step back in, though, I know I’ve come home.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brisbane Writer's Festival

Brisbane Writer’s Fest next week! Should be fun. Great hotel on South Bank, lots of sessions in the State Library of QLD. A tennis grudge match with Pat Flynn, James Roy and others. Hope you make it along! If not, I’ll be giving a tweet-by-tweet account over at

BWF is also the end of six weeks of book-touring around the country for me so I can’t wait to dive into writing the week after. 


9:45-10:15am Nit Boy: All Creatures Great and Small

10:45-11:25   Mac Slater 2 Live Performance and Q & A

12:15-12:55 It’s Yr Life with my co-author, Tempany Deckert, skyping her part of 

the session in from Los Angeles.

1:15-1:55 Get a real job..... the cost of cool – A panel with authors Jack Heath and Charlotte McConaghy


9:45-10:15am Nit Boy: All Creatures Great and Small

10:45-11:25  Mac Slater 2 Live Performance and Q & A

12:15-12:55 It’s Yr Life with my co-author, Tempany Deckert, skyping her part of 

the session in from Los Angeles.

1:15-1:55 Online Literature Festival


12:00 – 1:00pm Great Barrier Reef Foundation Whiteout eBook digital fiction project Launch


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