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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nit Boy Art Exhibition

The Teacher-Librarian at St Joseph's, Bracken Ridge, in Brisbane recently read my first Nit Boy book, Lift Off! to her students without being shown the cover. Students were then asked to create their own covers based on the story they'd heard. I thought there was some amazing, hilarious and tasty work in there and I wanted to share it, so welcome to the exhibition. I only wish I had time to scan them all! Perhaps there'll be a sequel?

Oh, and here are a couple of recent kids' reviews of the Nit Boy books:
Nit Boy 1: Lift Off!
Nit Boy 2: Bug Out!



Year 5Q said...

Hi Tristan, I am a teacher at St Joseph's and have just shown the kids their artwork. They are so excited that you have put it online. Thanks!

Tristan Bancks said...

No problem at all. I'm really glad they enjoyed it. There are some very funny ideas in there. Thanks for all the work! T.

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