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Monday, January 7, 2013

Author Blackmailed By Reader

Yes, you read it correctly. I regret to inform readers of this blog that I have been sent a blackmail letter. My detective skills kicked in and I twigged to the fact that this was a blackmail letter when I sniffed out this clue:

The letter inside was from some pre-pubescent twerp demanding that I pose with a stupid little ceramic dog that he had, no doubt, made himself, and upload the pictures to my Facebook page.

The twerp I speak of says that he has blackmailed other children's authors like Andy Griffiths and Martin Chatterton to do the same and asked me to 'check out their Facebook history'. Well, I won't 'check out' anything and I won't stand for it! Do you hear me, you pre-pubescent, blackmailing ceramicist? This is not on! Children's authors aren't play things for you to humiliate. We are respected members of the community, sharing knowledge, creativity and a love of literature. Do you understand me?

That is all.

(But just in case you are dangerous and you do happen to know where I live here's another picture of me with the dog. By the way, you're not getting him back, you filthy scoundrel.)



From Raph... The Blackmailing mastermind of destruction and world domination!!!!! said...

I knew you would do it Tristan...
or should I say... Tristo the Bisto the Rickstickstisto!!

Tristan Bancks said...

This is really freakin' me out now, dog boy.

Anonymous said...

he he very cute, Trisan


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