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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Best Books For 7 Year-Olds

My son, like most seven year-olds, has an insatiable hunger for stories. I have read to him just about every day of his life. Now he's developing his own reading world, too. Here are his thoughts on reading and his top book tips for seven year-olds (some of them independent reads. Others have been read to him.)

Do you like reading?

Because it's fun and when you start reading it's funny. I mostly like funny books.

How long do you read for each day?
Sometimes one hour. Sometimes two hours. Chihuahuas. [Laughs at his own joke.]

Would you rather a paper book or an ebook?
Paper 'cos y'know, you can see the pictures and it looks more real and it feels like you're doing the actual thing, turning the pages and everything.

What would you do if, suddenly, there were no more books?
I would... chop my legs off. Ah, one question. How would they disappear? 
[Me: I don't know.]
Then they didn't disappear. Bye-bye!

1. The Giggler Treatment - Roddy Doyle
2. Big Nate series - Lincoln Pierce
3. Nicholas - Rene Goscinny
4. Hardy Boys comics
5. The Invention of Hugo Cabret - Brian Selznick
6. Danny the Champion of the World - Roald Dahl
7. Treeified - Pat Flynn
8. SuperFudge - Judy Blume
9. The BFG - Dahl
10. The Twits - Dahl
11. Fantastic Mr Fox - Dahl
12. Matilda - Dahl
13. Stuart Little - EB White
14. The Thirteen Story Treehouse - Andy Griffiths
15. The Bad Beginning - Lemony Snicket

And here is his review of The Magic Pudding which he has loved and has been very proud of reading by himself.

The Magic Pudding
reviewed by Luca.

The Magic Pudding is about Bill Barnacle, Sam Sawnoff, Bunyip Bluegum, Benjamin Brandysnap, two puddin' -thieves and a puddin' called Albert.

My favourite character is the puddin'. If you read The Magic Pudding you might think the same. It is hilarious!

The characters sing lots of songs, for example…

"Hurrah! Hurray!
                      Just listen to that;
                  He knows the way
                       To bell the cat.
                  You'd better obey
                      His judgment pat,
                  Without delay
                      Remove the hat;
                       It's tit-for-tat,
                       We tell you flat,
                  You'll find it pay
                       To lift your hat.
                   Obey the mandate of our chosen lawyer,
                   Remove the hat, or else we'll do it faw yer.''



Isobelle Carmody said...

ha ha he is gorgeous and savvy as his dad. Great interview, Tristan!

Tristan Bancks said...

Thanks Isobelle. I love his chihuahua gag. Hope you're well and happy. T.

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