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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Best Writing App

I recently discovered the best writing app ever. It's called Nature. Heaps of cool features.

Nature 7.2.3
Category Creativity
Size 0 MB
Developer Unknown
Languages All
- Moments of quiet reflection.
- Bug fixes from version 7.2.2
- No wifi.
- Stillness, out of which story solutions and unexpected details emerge.
- Mobility, unstuckness.
- Gentle breeze.
- Great views.
- Roar of ocean.
- Rolling clouds.
- Weight loss.
- Back and neck relief.
- Authentic research on character and setting.
- Sense of inner wellbeing.

Give it a shot. No need to download. Just leave house. Preferably barefoot. Take notebook.

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IntoTheMinds OfBabes said...

Hahahaha, I love this. I am still surprised how much more creative I feel when I go for a walk, and how many beautiful things there are to inspire me. Just on my walk to work this morning I met two neighbourhood cats who greeted me with cuddles - I never would have seen them if I had my face buried in my phone.

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