Monday, May 5, 2014

Book Week 2014

The Children's Book Week theme for 2014 is Connect to Reading. Book Week is 16-22 August. I thought I'd share a few ideas and links that might be useful...

* This is my mission statement to connect kids to reading this year. (The pic above is my son and I. Reading is a team sport in our family. I look part werewolf, as though I may devour the book at any moment.)

* I'm giving away a free author talk (including flights to get to wherever your school might be in Australia) and $250 worth of books from Random House Australia to the class or school who raises the most for our 2014 Room to Read World Change Challenge.
* Here are some Book Week activity ideas on the Children's Book Council of Australia site.

* Books that will get kids fired up about reading this Book Week: There's the CBCA Awards shortlist  as well as the KOALA, YABBA, BILBY, KROC and COOL lists.

* If you're running a writing competition for Book Week, you could try incorporating Story Scrapbook 2.0, the brand new online version of the transmedia brainstorming tool I created with programmer / designer, Benjamin Train.

* You could book an author (or harass your teacher-librarian to book an author) to speak at your school. Here's a list of agencies. Most authors are already booked for Book Week but if your celebration falls outside the official Book Week dates, you might get lucky.

* Want to jump-start writing and creativity? Try some activities in the My Life& Other Stuff I Made Up teachers' kit and lots of visual / aural creative ideas in the Two Wolves kit.

* Check out the Teacher-Librarians' Children's Book Week wiki. Lots of good ideas for Connect to Reading activities, and a chance for you to share what you are doing.

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