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Friday, May 23, 2014

My Life 3 Book Title!

I'm currently writing the third book in the My Life series. The books are full of weird, funny, gross short stories, mostly inspired by my childhood.

Yesterday I was brainstorming a title for the third book with a bunch of year 3-6 kids in a school hall. And it got me thinking... I don't have a title, which is a problem for a book because most of them do have titles.

So I need ideas! I deliver the book to Random House 1 June and I'd love to have a title by then. The first book is: My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up. The second is My Life & Other Stuff That Went Wrong.

So, talk to me. Click 'Post a Comment' below and leave your idea. If I go with your title I will thank you in the back of the book! And maybe send you a book prize but I haven't thought that far ahead. Here are a few ideas we brainstormed yesterday...

My Life – Disaster Zone
My Life & Other Practical Jokes
My Life & Other Weird Stuff That Happened
My Life & Other Dumb Things I Did
My Life & Other Disasters
My Life & Other Catastrophes

[Illustrations from My Life & Other Stuff That Went Wrong by funny-man and all-round nice-guy, Gus Gordon.]



Mrs Moore said...

My Life and other disappointments

My Life. A survival guide for other young humans.

My Life. Let it be a warning to you.

Tristan Bancks said...

Love it, Mrs Moore. How about 'My Life - Let This Be a Warning!'

Great stuff.

Tristan Bancks said...

Ideas Submitted Via Twitter:

'My Life and Other Stuff You Wouldn't Believe!' - @sherrylwriter

'My Life & Other Stuff I Never Told You / I Haven't Told You.' - @KatApel

'My Life and Other Disasters Involving Ruthless Publishing Deadlines and Unreasonable Editors?' - @welovekidsbooks

'My Life and All Sorts of Super Cool, Hilarious & Interesting Weirdness..' - @04Darcy

Elizabeth Foster said...

My lIfe and other stuff ups.

Mrs Moore said...

My Life- Stuffed!

Anonymous said...

My life and who understands girls anyway?

James & Edward Holt said...

My Life and stuff I don't wanna talk about.

My life and uncool stuff

My life and how to be awesome

Tristan Bancks said...

Thanks Anonymous and James and Edward Holt. Keep the ideas flowing!

An idea at a school visit today:
'My Life & Other Human Tragedies'

Some new ideas submitted via Twitter and Facebook:
"My Life and other things I've been accused of"
My Life and What Editors Did To It!
My Life & Some Truth
My life and other smells I made
My Life & Other Stuff I Didn't Make Up'

Tristan Bancks said...

Some Other Ideas I've had:
My Life – Battle Ground
My Life – Battlefield
My Life & Other Stuff My Mother Ruined
My Life – Never. Say. Die.
My Life - An Exploded Diagram (Shame Mal Peet nabbed a title verrry close to this.)
My Life & Other Misadventures
My Life & Other Mishaps

From a school session today:
My Life & Other Stuff I Failed

Via FB:
My Life & Other Stuff That Blew Up

Annagirl said...

What about:
My life and other horror stories.

Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Annagirl.

I really like 'My Life & Other Horror Stories.'

It's a contender, I think. Keep 'em coming.



Ruby barker said...

My life and other miserable mistakes
My life and continuing catastrophes
My life and unfortunate events
My life and unlucky escapes

I LOVE your book two wolves and would be the luckiest person to get a mention in your book

- student of eureka p.s

Ruby barker said...

My life and other embarrassing moments

From a local student

Ruby barker said...

My life and other massive mistakes

Ruby barker said...

My life and unplayed jokes

Ruby barker said...

My life and cliff hanger endings

Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Ruby B. Thanks for all the great title ideas. I particularly like My Life & Other Massive Mistakes. My Life & Other Unfortunate Events is good, too. A bit of Lemony Snicket about it.

And thanks for the kind words re: Two Wolves. So glad you like it.



Raph Atkins said...

Hi Tristan,
Here's a few!
from Claire & The Llama :)

'My Life & Other Stuff I Threw Up (now with Extra Carrot and Chunky Bits!)'
'My Life & Other Stuff that seemed like a really good Idea at The Time'
'My Life & Other Stuff I Stuffed Up'
'My Life & Other Stuff You Should NEVER Do at Home'
'My Life & Other Stuff They Won't Teach You at School'
'My Life & Other Stuff You Won't Find in The Back of the book'(NOW with super sealed section at the back of the book!!)
'My Life & Other ^ DUMB Stuff'
'My Life & Other ^REALLY DUMB Stuff I Did'
'My Life & Other ^ REALLY REALLY Dumb Stuff I Did'
'My Life & Other pie charts I ate' ^(NOW 100% Fact Free!!)
'My Life & Other Stuff I found at the back of the fridge'
'My Life & Other ridiculously long book titles'
We liked explosions too
'My Life & Other Exploding Chickens'
'My Life & Other Explosions'
We liked your new ideas too
My Life- The Final Frontier
My Life - The Last Battle
My Life - The Last Stand
My Life - Is this the End?

Raph Atkins said...

Hi Tristo the bisto,
'My Life & More Stuff That Went Wrong'
'My Life & Even More Stuff That Went Wrong'
'My Life & More Stuff I Made Up'
'My Life & More Dumb Stuff I Made Up'
My Life & Even Dumber Stuff I Made Up'
'My Life. Totally Dumb at It'
These books are all 100% Gluten FREE, 100% FAT FREE 100% ORGANIC and 35% FACT FREE. They have no ADDED Sugar and contain absolutely NO NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS AT ALL! May contain traces of NUTS!
From The Ralpa, The Mumpa and the one whose name starts with 'F' and ends with 'S'

Tristan Bancks said...

These ideas rock, Raph. I think it's time to make a shortlist and let the peeps decide.

Unknown said...

My life and other terrible ideas
My life and other bad ideas
My life and other dreadful ideas

Anonymous said...

my life and some other crazy stuff
my life and some other stuff

Genius said...

Hi Tristan,
How about my life and other family tragedies.

Genius said...

Hi Tristan
My life from birth to death: the true story.
Would be awesome

Belinda said...

My life and other things which should never have happened

Ruby barker said...

My life - featuring my miserable childhood
( not sure about the word miserable , tweak that word and it could be a winner)

Ethan R said...

My Life & Other Unpleasant Occurrences


Anonymous said...

My life and other stuff I wrote down.
My life and other things that I can spell.
My life and other things I have nightmares about.

Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Ruby Barker. Hope you get this message. We have chosen a title for the next 'My Life' book and it is 'My Life & Other Massive Mistakes' which you came up with over on my blog - - so I'd like to send you a set of all three books once the third book comes out in March 2015. Maybe ask your folks if you are allowed to send your postal address to the email address on my 'Contact' page and we'll send you three signed books in March. ;)) Let me know if you already have them and we'll come up with something else. Thanks for all of your contributions and to everyone who helped brainstorm the title. Tristan

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