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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Children's Book Council of Australia Awards 2015

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this year's Children's Book Council of Australia Awards ceremony in Melbourne on Friday and to pick up an Honour Book award for Two Wolves. It was a proud moment and a fantastic day to be part of. 

The award shortlisting earlier in the year has brought a whole new audience to the book and the Honour Book is, as they say, icing on the cake. (NB: picture of the CBCA's 70th birthday cake below. I wish I could give you a piece. It was life-changing.)

Congratulations to all winners and honour books for 2015. And, in fact, congratulations to anyone who sat down and dedicated themselves to writing a book this year. The real reward is in the writing.

Below is the awards presentation in pictures and a few words. Happy Book Week! I hope you find your next great read.

The CBCA Awards were held at Melbourne's beautiful Town Hall. 

Claire Zorn won the Older Readers category for her book, The Protected.
Michael Camilleri gave an inspiring speech about the faith that people have shown in his work and the belief it takes to continue to create art in those times when people aren't necessarily championing what you do.
Freya Blackwood was proud and emotional, winning three awards for her authentic and evocative illustrations.
Tony Wilson's self-penned poem incorporating shortlisted authors' names and books was a huge hit.
Margot Hillel,  the CBCA National Chair, shared her sense of the importance and history of the awards.
Awards stalwart and children's favourite Libby Gleeson picked up awards for The Cleo Stories and
Go to Sleep Jessie.
I looked this way all day. People in cafes and the airport became scared that my jaw was stuck. 
Librarians understand the importance of good cake to human survival more than anyone else on the planet.
The team at Random House Australia put this visual together. Without them, I'm not sure that the book would have found the audience that it has. They supported me from the moment my publisher Zoe Walton finished reading the manuscript. Thanks to Zoe and my very clever editor Kimberley Bennett. Thanks also to Julie Burland, Dot Tonkin, Zoe Bechara, Caroline Ayling and Angela Duke for their ongoing support for me and the book. I feel very fortunate to work with them.


Susan Stephenson said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing - especially that huge smile!

katswhiskers said...

Really lovely post, Tristan. Thanks for sharing. And congratulations once again. Love that smile! :D

Sue Whiting said...

Congrats, Tristan. I was part of the CBCA Book Week Announcement video conference on Friday - sixteen schools and 650 kids - and TWO WOLVES was the absolute (unanimous) favourite with the kids at the two host schools. They loved it. Cheers

Tristan Bancks said...

Thanks Kat and Susan. I might start smiling more often, I think. Perhaps I could jam a toffee between my teeth and achieve that same Honour Book look. Or maybe I'll go for a BookChook look. Will keep you updated. T

Tristan Bancks said...

Hi Sue

That is great to hear. Being part of the awards is amazing but kids devouring the book is the goal. I heard that you were an excellent host / speaker for the event.

Hope to see you sometime soon.


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