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Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Nit Story!

I'm on tour right now, brainstorming a new head lice story with kids around Australia. I seem to be obsessed with writing about those evil little mini-beasts and the brand new My Life book, My Life & Other Exploding Chickens has a new Lewis Snow / Nit Boy story in it.

I'd like to put a Nit Boy story in the next My Life book, too (out March 2017) and I'd love you to help me write it. Below you can see the ideas brainstormed at All Hallows CPS this morning. If you have an idea for my next nit story, leave a comment on this post or over on with your first name and I will be sure to thank you in the back of the book!

May the nits be with you!


Anonymous said...

A clown nit comes and goes to everykids birthday party and makes it horrible. Tom. hillard

George said...

The nits should take over peoples minds and you can't tell who is a nit and who isn't plus the nits should trying to take over the whole school.

P.S my name is pronounced like e-meel (i am a boy).

Claire Fogarty said...

hey I'm first comment. i have great idea that could help you out. btw I'm the kid who said the question are you going to make any part 1 part 2s. i have an idea for the nits series thing. how about nits from the future and alien nits come to attack earth. i also have an idea for a mystery/sci-fi book were gravity randomly turns on and off. I hope you take my ideas. my name is caleb Rigney.

Anonymous said...

first comment. yay. my name is caleb Rigney. ok so i have a idea that i hope you like. btw i was the kid who said the question are you making any part 1 part 2s. ok so i have this idea for the nit story were alien nits and nits from the future come to invade earth. so i hope you like my idea.

Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Tom. I like the fusing of clowns and nits. Could there be a more evil mutant being? Thanks for your idea! Will be sure to put your name in the back of the next book out March 2017. T

Tristan Bancks said...

Hi Emile. Head louse mind control is such a good idea. After all the horrible things we have done to nits, this is the ultimate revenge. I wonder what they'd do to us. Will definitely consider putting this idea in the next story. ;) T

Tristan Bancks said...

Caleb! Nits from the future is good. I wonder if they could tell us the lottery numbers? Or maybe nits are the only beings left. Maybe, like cockroaches, they're the only things that survive a nuclear meltdown or an asteroid hitting. Thanks! T

Tristan Bancks said...

Brainstorm - Broadbeach SS and BRCC Goondiwindi

Nit mind control - Suneha
Nits eat hair. You become bald. - Jem
Nits invade the brain of the carrier. Take over - Connor
Nits set up a little city. - Anesa
Zombie Nits Bite you and control you. - Erin
Nit shampoo makes them grow really fast - Adelia
King of nits. Out to destroy humanity. - Elijah

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