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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Guinea Pig Hostage Story

In every My Life book I include a story that I've brainstormed with kids as I travel around to schools and festivals. I thank all the brainstormers in the back of the book. I love the idea that kids can influence the course of a story before it's published. In the new book, My Life & Other Weaponised Muffins, kids helped brainstorm the story 'Runaway Car'.

In the next book, which I'm writing now, I want you to help me with a chilling guinea pig kidnap story called 'Hostage'. Here's the setup...

Tom Weekly comes home from school one day to find his evil sister Tanya (who is definitely not based on my sister, pictured with me, above) in his bedroom holding Gus, his pet guinea pig, out the window. She says, 'Give me all your money or the guinea pig gets it!'
      'What?' Tom asks.
      'Give me all your money or I drop your guinea pig out the window onto the concrete.'
      'But... I don't have any money.'
      'LIAR!' she screams. 'What about your birthday money?'
      'Okay, settle down.'
      Tom puts down his school bag and rolls back the rug in the middle of his bedroom floor, revealing the trapdoor where he hides his lollies, comics and cash. As he unlocks the padlock Tom looks up at Gus who stares back at him with eyes like small black marbles, pleading with Tom to follow her instructions. A couple of little round poop nuggets fall from the guinea pig's bottom.

Tom needs to hold onto his money while saving the guinea pig's life. How does he do it?

Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post with your first name and your idea and I will thank you in the back of the next book, out March 2018. I'll try to include as many ideas as I can!


Jude Co said...

Hi Tristan,

We just loved meeting you the other day at Launceston Church Grammar School and listening to all your wonderful stories about being an author! We are aspiring to be better writers and some of your tips will be great to help us with this!

We have just spent a lesson brainstorming fabulous ideas for the guinea pig story!
Here they are:

Bryce: Tom tricks her :" Wow, mum is home and she has your favourite foooooood: sushi" Tanya drops guinea pig and runs to the kitchen!
Isaac: Tom locks trapdoor and runs outside just in time to catch guinea pig but then drops it on the grass.
Georgie: Just as Tom went to part with his money, Tanya screamed.....and looked down as the guinea pig did a wee on her arm!
Harry: Squirts sunscreen in her eyes, gets the guinea pig and locks it in the trapdoor and then shoots her with a Nerf gun and ties her to a tree upside down.
Abbie: Tom gives his sister fake money.
Daisy: "Come and look in my trapdoor" Tanya peers into the dark hole and Tom takes out the money and then pushes her in and grabs the guinea pig and locks her in there!
Liadan: Tom puts the money next to his foot and says come get it and then when she reaches for it, grabs the guinea pig and locks her in his room and goes and eats all her favourite jelly beans!
Charlotte: Tom says "Oh what's that on the guinea pig's back?? Oh it's a spider!!" Tanys who is scared of spiders drops it and Tom grabs it and runs away!
Max: "Give me half hour and I'll get your money" He uses walkie talkie to talk to his neighbour to call his sister to distract her.
Olivia: Tom made some cardboard money for Tanya and then distracts her while he grabs it.
Tigist: Tom saw a box so he put the money inside then he drags it into her room (the box is filled with toys instead) and sister gives back guinea pig.
Mercedes: Locks trap door and dashes out of the secret door in his room just in time to catch guinea pig.
Tabitha: Tom gets his bag of lollies and trades that for the guinea pig instead!
Cameron: When Tom opens the trap door he does give her the money for the guinea pig but then know she i going to her piano lesson soon and while she is out he takes the money back!
Edward: Tom gives Tanya the money and shoots the guinea pig with the bow and arrow (which has a blunt end and is only a suction one) and then grabs the guinea pig and karate chops the sister!
Cameron: Pushes sister out the window and holds onto her ankles and then grabs the guinea pig.

Kind regards,

3 Coombe

Tristan Bancks said...

Riverbank PS

‘Give me guinea pig first!’
Snatch and run.
Fake money. Push her out door.
Throw money, snatch pig and run.
Gives money, take back in midnight raid.
Try $2
Leaves money in hall
Water balloon in face
Let it go!
Give box of lollies, keep cash.

Tristan Bancks said...

Muffins from LCGS said on post 'Create'...

Hi Tristan I'm so glad you came to lcgs yesterday and my idea for the guinea pig hostage is this:

Tom says to sister"before i save the day I'm going to the bathroom" he runs to the bathroom and get out onto the windowsill and starts walking along until he gets to the guinea pig, grabs it and runs 🐹

Tristan Bancks said...

Thanks Launceston Grammar class 3 Coombe. So many good ideas. You guys are quite devious. Your teacher should keep a serious eye on you. To make sure you don't steal her / his guinea pig and hang her / him out the window.

Keep on writing. A little bit each day is what makes you a writer. ;)


Tristan Bancks said...

Five Dock PS (during my visit)

Give her the money and then steal it back.

A giant muffin with arms and legs comes and saves the guinea pig.

Pushes her out window.


Snatch and run

Fake money

Something in the bag to nip her.

Tell Mum and Dad.

Distract her and then snatch pig.

Tristan Bancks said...

Orange Grove PS
Fake money. Lock her in
Pull rug out from under her.
Choc money
Guess which hand!
Super Pig!
Black ops
Cut off her doll’s head.
Snatch and run
Friend catches pig
She throws pig out window - but onto trampoline.

Tommy D said...

Tom: since Tom has to pick up the guinea pigs poo he gives his sister the bag of poo then Toms sister puts her hand in the bag because she thinks it's �� money

ha said...

Hi Tristan
My name is Hugo Adlington (my school is Holy Family) and this is my idea:
Tom asks if he can have the guinea pig for a second then he gets all his money for the guinea pig to swallow. Tom's sister drops the guinea pig onto Toms's emergency brick pillow and the money comes out in a rather disgusting way.

Tristan Bancks said...

HA, that idea is a winner for several reasons. It is a) Devious b) Original and D) Disgusting. Congratulations. Your name will be in the back of the next My Life book out next March. (I usually thank kids just by their first names.) Cheers! I'll try to work something like this into the story if I can. Tristan

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