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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Name the Next My Life Book and WIN a Signed Copy!

It's that time of year again. I've written ten new short stories for the next book in the My Life series starring Tom Weekly and I need a title. If you come up with the title, you'll win a signed copy when the new book hits shelves in March 2018 and you'll be the first person I thank in the acknowledgements at the back of the book!

My Life Series Book Titles

The series began with My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up and the titles have become weirder as they've gone along. The last two books were My Life & Other Exploding Chickens and My Life & Other Weaponised Muffins.

Visual inspiration for Hostage, a psychological guinea pig thriller in the next My Life book.

Sneak Peek of My Life Book 6

To get you thinking, here's a sneak peek of some of the stories in the new book...

There’s a very tense guinea pig hostage situation and a story about a disastrous author visit to Tom Weekly’s school (no bearing on reality, of course). There's a story where Nan enlists Tom’s help to steal a fruitcake so she can win the Kings Bay Show Fruitcake Bake for the ninth year in a row. There's another where Tom decides to make his mark on the world by eating a car. Oh, and Tom's terrifying encounter with a very angry goose.

Book Title Suggestions

Kids have so far suggested:

My Life & Other Unicorn Apocalypses

My Life & Other Radioactive Pickles

And I liked these from previous title brainstorms:

My Life – Disaster Zone

My Life & Other Catastrophes

Suggest Your Own Title

So, go to it. I need something funny that makes you want to pick up the book and starts with My Life & Other... 

Click 'Post a Comment' below and leave your name and your title idea. I'll be asking on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too. The winner will be posted on this here post on 1 December at the latest. So check back in to see if you're the winner!



Ambrose Maiden said...

hi Tristan, i have threes suggestions to make: "my life and other flying fruitcakes", "my life and other eaten cars" and "my life and other angry gooses". i hope they make it hey also i was at Murwillumbah civic center today!

thanks man,
kind regards,
Ambrose Maiden (student at sathya sai school)


My life and other terrifying geese
Kiran Kaur

Lachie Tonissen said...

My suggestion is: My Life and Other Psychotic Geese

The Seal Lover said...

Hi Tristan!
Here are my suggestions so far:
-My life and other slippery meditations
-My life and other toaster invasions
-My life and other scandalous mistakes
-My life and other prickly situations
Anyway, I have to get ready now, because my sister is coming to see you at the Byron Writer's Festival today and shes going to bring my copy of The Fall to be signed hopefully! I'm really enjoying it so far.
And Two Wolves was amazing.

May Morgan said...

Hi Tristan!
Here are my ideas
My life and other robotic cats
My life and other devilish Brussel sprouts

I hope you can use some of my ideas!
By the way, I really enjoyed seeing you today at the Byron writer's fest!

Cass said...

Hey Tristan,
what about my life and other flying mushrooms
you saw me today at the byron writers festival.
Bye Cassidy

Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Ambrose. Thanks for these! I really like the Fruitcake idea.

I'll put up a note on this post in November / December to let everyone know which idea we've gone with!



Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Kiran and Lachie 'Terrifying' and 'Psychotic' geese work well.

Thanks for these ideas. Keep 'em coming!


Tristan Bancks said...

Thanks May

Devilish Brussels Sprouts is my fave of those ideas. Thanks a bunch! Maybe I'll list my faves when I put up the post announcing the winning title?!


Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Seal Lover.

Hope you got your copy of The Fall!

I'm liking the Toaster Invasion myself.



Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Cass

Hope you liked the fest. Mushrooms are definitely funny. Like emus and doughnuts. In fact a title that included mushrooms, emus and doughnuts would be an instant classic.


Ideas Submitted Via Instagram said...

Ideas submitted via Instagram:

kirah_hockingScary stuff that goes on

kirah_hocking My life and other tinny details

matt.cosgrove Can't wait for the next instalment @tristanbancksbooks! Our household entry in the naming competition: My Life And Other Fruitcake Fiascos! 🍰💥

charzy_rose My life and the demented llama

charzy_roseMy life and the venomous chicken nugget

kerrynjjohnston My Life and other food fights 🍔

ab_su_rd My Life and Other Mishaps Along the Way!

had2changemyusername My Life and other drag-racing alpacas

maya_j_howard My life and other farting grandmas??

krisjpereira My life and other shenanigans 😀

fearny2005 My life and other things that never happened

jess_best My life and other radioactive pigs 🐷

jimmbobb My life and other axe wielding blood suckers from out of space👾

sophie_brazenorMy life and other hazardous events?

sophie_brazenorMy life and other small unimportant details?

sophie_brazenorMy life and other girlfriends

Idea Submitted Via Facebook said...

Scott Paterson My Life and other Whatchamacallits

Seal Lover said...

Hi Tristan Bancks,

Thank you! And yes, my sister got my book signed for me. Thank you so much! I would've got it signed myself but my high school went to a writer's festival for older people... BORING!

And as well as the signature, thank you so much for replacing my little 'bookmark' with a proper one- that felt even better than the signature itself.

Mrs B said...

My Life and the Path to Self Destruction
My Life and other Loose Wheels

Anonymous said...

Hey Tristan! I've got an idea for your next book title. Me and my friend thought of 'My Life And Other Screaming Potatoes.
Thanks dude.

From,Eliza Stillaway.
(Sathya Sai School)

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