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On the Run (Farrar Straus Giroux) is the US edition of Two Wolves

US Mac Slater Covers




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10 Kids’ & Young Adult books I Love
The Invention of Hugo Cabret - Brian Selznick
Hatchet - Gary Paulsen
Danny the Champion of the World - Roald Dahl
Tomorrow, When the War Began John Marsden
The Body Stephen King
Fighting Ruben Wolfe - Markus Zusak
Okay For Now - Gary D Schmidt
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - John Boyne
The Bugalugs Bum Thief Tim Winton
Holes - Louis Sachar

10 Other Books I Love
The Road - Cormac McCarthy 
Reflections on the Art of Living, A Joseph Campbell Companion 
- Diane K. Osbon
Siddhartha - Herman Hesse
A Moveable Feast - Ernest Hemingway
The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway
The Catcher in the Rye - J.D.Salinger
25th Hour - David Benioff
Dreams From My Father - Obama
White Fang - Jack London
Zen Mind Beginner's Mind - Shunryu Suzuki

10 Books I loved as a kid
My Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George
Unreal - Paul Jennings
Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak
Grimm's Fairy Tales - The Brothers Grimm
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing - Judy Blume
Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain
The Hardy Boys - Franklin W. Dixon
The Body  - Stephen King
The 'William' books - Richmal Crompton
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl

For Teachers

Click Below For Comprehensive Teaching Materials

Two Wolves Comprehensive teaching notes for this tense middle-grade novel (age 10-14) exploring morality, self-perception, the power of Nature and the slipperiness of truth. Curriculum Areas: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding.

On the Run (US edition of Two Wolves) Comprehensive teaching notes for this tense middle-grade novel (age 10-14) exploring morality, self-perception, the power of Nature and the slipperiness of truth. Curriculum Areas: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding.

My Life and Other Stuff I Made Up: These teaching notes are packed with fun, engaging creative writing ideas for the classroom.

Galactic Adventures: First Kids in Space: Space travel, web 2.0, space science, book trailers and don't forget the non-fiction section and quiz at the back of the book.

Mac Slater, Coolhunter: These notes and activities look at issues relating to consumerism, creativity, individuality, environmental awareness.

Change the World in Five Minutes Every Day at School: The notes for this world-changing SBS series contain fun and inspiring ideas for delivering lessons on community action, environmental issues and how students can make their own films on issues that they care about. You can watch the film here.


One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is speaking about storytelling and creativity. I run workshops and talks about my books at festivals, conferences and schools, hopefully inspiring kids, teens and adults to read and create.

To check my availability for Queensland-based school / library talks and workshops you can email Sandie and Helen at Speakers Ink. My Speakers Ink page is here.

For information and availability on Sydney and Melbourne-based school / library talks and workshops, you are best emailing Simon, Esther and Hannah at Booked Out or see my Booked Out page here.

For information and availability on other interstate and international school / library talks and workshops, you are best emailing me here.



Noah Bell said...

I love the Dream Racers books. Can you write some more?

From Noah in South Australia

Tristan Bancks said...

Hi Noah
I loved writing the Dream Racers books and working with Heath McKenzie, the illustrator. Heath and I teamed up again on the Nit Boy books. I am actually working on something at the moment that's action-packed and (hopefully) funny that should please Dream Racers fans so check back in soon. Happy reading mate.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say if you like my idea it's a floating wedding cake in space?:) :) :) :)

Tristan Bancks said...

Yes, Anonymous! A floating wedding cake in space. Genius. Now you need to write a story about it and leave the story as a comment here! Go for it. T

Anonymous said...

I love your story!!!! Luke

Tristan Bancks said...

Thanks Luke. ;-) Hope you take the time to tell your own stories, too.



Anonymous said...

why did you name your book macslater cool hunter what you did

Tristan Bancks said...

I have a friend named 'Mark Slater' and I really like the name Mac. ;-) T

David said...

I was in the group of Year 6 kids that you talked to on the 7th August. I have a idea for Teleporter 2. Maybe they could travel to the London Olympics? They would fall out of the teleporter and a javelin would rip the box apart.

P.S If this goes in the book you better mention me in it!

kaitlyn said...

thanks for coming to chatswood hills state school i would like to ask you when "my life and other stuff i made up" will be coming out

i have trouble with the end of my stories could you help me


J:B said...

Thank u sooo much Tristan for coming to John Paul Cololege.

Stuggling on my story about V8 supercars.

Some help?

Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Kaitlyn and J:B.
Sorry so long to get back to you. Thanks for being patient.

Kaitlyn, the answer to the end of a story is always at the beginning. So find out what the question or problem that you set up at the beginning of the story is and then solve it. When the character is forced to confront their greatest problem head-on, what happens? What choices do they make? And do they win, lose or draw?

J:B, re your V8 Supercar story, hmmmm. Maybe head over to my Story Scrapbook page, download the app for free and start developing the look and feel and sound of your story. Lots of unexpected ideas will collide and, out of that, hopefully some good solutions.

Hope it helps!


Anonymous said...

I really loved the Mac Slater Coolhunter books. Are you ever going to write another in the series?

Tristan Bancks said...

Hi Anonymous Mac Slater fan

Thanks for writing to say you liked the books. I don't have another Mac Slater book planned right now but I am currently writing a new Nit Boy short story to go in next May's 'My Life & Other Stuff That Went Wrong'. I really like the idea of writing a short Mac Slater story or book, too, maybe for digital release. So watch this space.


Emma said...

Hi Tristan
I was at your Jubilee PS meet up today and I really enjoyed it. I think you are a great author and I am going to start reading your books. I really liked how you asked us questions and the grandpa stories are funny. I now have ideas spilling from my mind so I am going to start writing my own books.
From Emma

Anonymous said...

Hey tristan thanks so much for coming to St paul's
you really inspired me about it. as i did not ask you any questions i would like to ask you some now are you righting any books at the moment and if you are please tell me i am very interested in your books and i thought of writing one where its about a boy who go's to a surprise party and then later in the party at around 9pm the light all go off and you hear a scream and then a bang! and the light turn back on and they all wonder what was it and there is a trail of mudding foot prints leading to the door and then some one go' out ti see what it was and then another scream and then they all get weapons and they find rifles under there grand fathers bed and then they all run out in to the forest and they try to find the old tree house thats has a magical feel in it that no enemys can get in to it. please tell me what you think about that thanks. Mitchell collis from St paul's

Fareez said...

Hi Tristan

My idea is that "while the dad is sleeping put a chilli in his mouth and when he wakes up give him an ice block!!!"

Thanks & Regards

Daisy said...

Today you came to my school. I really enjoyed you speaking. I have got an idea for your new book my life 3:
They play an instrument really loud and out of tune.




Abby said...

Hi Tristan,

I am very interested in you books and was wondering if they had been published as an ebook?
I really want to read them as I have had so many recommendations about your 'My Life' series and 'Two Wolves'.

Great Job with all of your books and I hope you have a successful future with your writing.


Tristan Bancks said...

Hi Abby

Thanks for your message and kind comments. Yes, the books are available as ebooks in all the online stores. The links are here:

Let me know if I can be of more use.



Anonymous said...

I really like reading your books were reading cool hunter at school!!!!!!!!!!!

paige pateman said...

Hi just wondering do they sell your books at kmart

Tristan Bancks said...

Thanks! :)) T

Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Paige
I don't think I've seen them in KMart but the MY LIFEs are often available at BIG W. Dymocks, too. Or you can buy them online by clicking on the STORE link at the top right of my website. ;)

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi its Jonah From Grand Avenue State School
My Idea is You Can Trick The Girl An Give Her Fake Money And If She Drops The Guinea Pig You Can Jump Out The Window And Catch It And Fall In Pool At Bottom Of House. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO Grand Avenue State School

From Jonah

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