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I’m heading to NY very soon as my book, Mac Slater Vs The City, is unleashed on the US 5 April. Mac Slater is a kid coolhunter, a trendspotter so he discovers lots of fun, weird, wacky and delicious things. I have set myself the task of visiting as many locations from the book as I can in a single day while I’m in NYC and I’ll shoot the whirlwind tour and stick the highlights up on my Youtube channel.

Here are some of the places I’m gonna go:

Peanut Butter and Co – I’ve been drooling over the Marshmallow Fluff and wacky peanut butter flavours at this place for many moons. Ever since I dreamed a scene where Mac and an inventor girl called Melody go there to eat.

Buy Marshmallow Fluff at

Doughnut Plant – check out the beautifully-shot 2-minute homage to head-sized doughnuts.

MetroNaps – Sleep is the new awake. Pay around fifteen bucks for twenty minutes of gourmet napping at this place in the Empire State Building.

The entire length of Broadway: In Mac Slater Vs The City a group of teen inventors attempt to ride a perpetual motion machine the entire length of Broadway at night, in the rain, without stopping. Above is a map of Mac Slater’s NYC (cartography by Amber Melody).

Inwood Hill Park: A wilderness at the northern tip of Manhattan island, featuring caves with Indian carvings. It’s home to The Hive, an abandoned warehouse where kid and teen inventors come up with fresh ideas which blow Mac’s mind. These include an environmentally-friendly jetpack that they test-fly over the Hudson River. Check out the Jetpack Man vid above that helped me to write the jetpack scene.

Above is one of the Times Square Earth Cams that helped me write the book. I would play one of these live web cams in the corner of my computer screen as I wrote. They made me feel as though I was in New York City and they were especially helpful for the big Times Square finale. Earth Cam and Google Maps Street View were my best friends as I wrote.

I’ll post the vid of my one-day whirlwind NYC tour here or check my Youtube channel after mid-April.



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