Change the World in Five Minutes: Mend it Rather Than Replace It

It’s Monday morning and here’s another five-minute action inspired by the wise folks at We Are What We Do and my short film Change the World in Five Minutes Every Day at School.

This is Action 032 in the book, Change the World for Ten Bucks.

I can’t afford to get anything fixed. It’s cheaper to chuck things in landfill than fix them.

The ‘play’ button just snapped off my jug. As I lifted the lid on the bin, milliseconds from dropping it in and jumping in the car to buy another poorly-made kettle destined to implode just after the warranty expires, I stopped myself. I thought, ‘I’ll ask Mike.’

Mike’s been pulling stuff apart since he was a kid. (And actually putting it back together.) He unscrewed a few things, poked around, told me I needed glue. So I glued it. And it works.

Less landfill. Fewer resources. Money saved. Warm, fuzzy feeling. Praying it stays stuck. Will keep you posted.


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