Galactic Adventures: First Kids in Space

‘This is the perfect book to recommend to reluctant middle-school readers, especially boys who aren’t interested in fantasy or vampires.’

– B+P (Bookseller + Publisher) Magazine

A gripping and inspiring space adventure for kids of all ages.

‘A galactic journey that will have you spinning through Space!’ – DMAG

‘I loved it. A great balance of action, characters
and unexpected elements. Is this the first in a series? I hope so.’

 – Paul MacDonald, The Children’s Bookshop, Sydney

Dash Campbell has only ever had one dream. To go to space.

Now he and four others have been given the chance to become the first kids ever to leave our planet. From building rockets behind his family’s laundromat in Australia to attending a hardcore Space School in the US, Dash is a long way from home. And he still has an intense month of training ahead before he can even think about that glorious moment of blasting out of Earth’s atmosphere and living his dream.

But does Dash have what it takes to survive Space School? Gruelling physicals, fierce competition, media attention, medicals, the Vomit Comet, a skydive from 4000 metres and an instructor who despises him. Can he push through his deepest fears and make history? Does he have the right stuff to go to space?

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Anatomy of a Novel: Click Above and Go Behind-the-Scenes on the writing and research of Galactic Adventures: First Kids in Space at Simmone Howell’s blog.

Cool Space Travel Links and vids

This video gives a taste of the gruelling space training that the first five kids in space must endure in order to live their dream.

Vomit Comet – Zero Gravity Classroom:

NASA Kids’ Club
Cool Article on Civilian Space Travel at Wired Magazine
Space Tourism Wiki

Why I Wrote the Book

When I was seven years old I built a spaceship with my friend, Luke. It was made out of chipboard and u-nails and we planned to attach an outboard motor to get us into space. One of my strongest memories of childhood was, on my first day of year six, watching the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on TV. Then, as an adult, one of the greatest days of my life was visiting the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. I walked away filled with a sense of hope and possibility. I love stories about kids forced to face their greatest fears, be resourceful and discover great strength within themselves. That’s what this story is about.

The first book I ever wrote was about Space Stations. I’ve always been fascinated by space travel and I can’t wait for the day that I am looking back at Earth from high above. Then my journey will be complete. Or maybe it will be just the beginning.


Click to read! Galactic Adventures: First Kids in Space Review – B+P (Bookseller + Publisher) Magazine

Click to Read! Galactic Adventures: First Kids in Space Review Good Reading Magazine 2012

‘Many fascinating facts revealed with wonderful Roald Dahl-style humour that children will love. Bancks understands his audience and delivers an emotionally engaging adventure story that manages to be engrossing without leaving earth’s orbit – that is until (fingers crossed) the next book.’ Bookseller + Publisher ‘Four-star Review’

‘Loving the concept of this book plus the additional addendum – a must–read handbook on how to become a space kid. This is not only a lot of fun but a priceless way to engage kids in the story post-read.’ Kids Book Review

‘A high action page turner that tells the hard truths.’ Buzz Words

‘Filled with fascinating space facts and true-to-life methods of training astronauts, this is an engaging and, at times, heartfelt journey about a little boy who is doing his best to make his ultimate dream come true.’ Deborah Abela, ABC 666 – 7 August 2011 (and Pass it On – Issue 351)


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