Outdoor Writing

I am a big fan of writing outdoors, as regular readers of this blog will know. I am also a fan of feeding creativity with video, maps, music, the Web and so on. But I would argue that Nature is the key to accessing the richest stories that lie within us.

Last week I took my sons, aged 7 & 9, on a beach writing adventure, reading a bit of The Swiss Family Robinson for shipwreck inspiration. We did 4 x 10-minute freewrites (non-stop, freeflow writing), punctuated by missions on the beach to find inspiring objects. By the end, they each had the beginnings of an exciting desert island story that we’ll continue writing over coming weeks.

Here are some pics to inspire your own outdoor writing adventure. And if you’re in Brisbane 24 June, join me and a bunch of kids for a Story Safari along the banks of the Brisbane River with QLD Writers Centre.



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