The Gate Way Trilogy, Book One: The Night Gate by Isobelle Carmody

My 10 y.o. son reviews Isobelle Carmody‘s The Night Gate:

Rage Winnoway’s closest friends are her four dogs (Billy Thunder, Bear, Mr Walker and Ella who all change to human-like things when they go through the Night Gate). Rage’s mother is sick in hospital and may die. When Rage and her friends are tricked into entering the Night Gate they go into another land that was pulled out of time itself. There they are lured further into the mysterious trap of the Firecat. The Firecat gives Rage an hourglass that has a riddle on it. The riddle reads ‘Bring me to the shore of the Endless Sea, step through the door that will open for thee’, so Rage and her friends set of on a perilous journey to the city of Fork which is ruled by the strict High Keeper, an evil ruler.

I loved reading The Night Gate, having met Isobelle Carmody in Prague. I was very attached to Billy Thunder because I felt he was a real model character. I also liked the bumbling goat they called Goaty who was always making things worse than they already were. I think that if you like fantasy you should definitely read The Night Gate.

More by this author: The Winter Dock, book 2 of the Gate Way trilogy, Red Wind and Cloud Road.


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