Belinda Murrell : Room to Read Writer-Ambassador

1. Out of all the charities in all the world, why did you decide to become a writer-ambassador for Room to Read?
One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is the gift of reading. It provides Joy, Escape, Knowledge. But most of all it is the basis of Education which provides a Future. Encouraging all children to read is the best way I can think of to change the world.

2. What do you most love about Room to Read’s work and approach to what they do?
Room to Read provides millions of children in third world countries with the gift of reading by providing books, schools and libraries. Room to Read has given millions of children the chance for an education and the chance to break the poverty cycle.

3. What makes you care about education and literacy for children in other parts of the world?
My children have been so lucky to grow up in Australia. They are probably amongst the best educated children on the planet. I hope to help bring some of those opportunities to other children who are not as lucky as my own kids.

4. What kinds of things have you done to show your support for Room to Read over the years?
I have participated in fundraisers for books, libraries and schools. I help to raise awareness of Room to Read’s work through social media, talking in schools, and by including Room to Read details on my website, Facebook pages and in my books.

5. What actions can schools and students perform to show their support?
Students can work together to organise movie nights, cake stalls, or gold coin donations. There are lots of ideas on the Room to Read website. One day of working together at your school, could make a world of difference to the futures of children in other parts of the world.

The 2014 World Change Challenge is a great way to engage kids in literacy, fun and social good. Watch the four-minute video showing how a single class raised $567 in one day, then hit the World Change Challenge page for a campaign pack and lots of fun fundraising ideas. –


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  1. August 5, 2014 / 9:48 am

    Inspiring interview. You're doing great job for these children, making them more educated.

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