Review: Squishy Taylor series by Ailsa Wild

Review of author Ailsa Wild and illustrator Ben Wood‘s Squishy Taylor series by guest reviewer Ella Sharpe, bookseller at The Younger Sun Children’s Bookshop in Melbourne.

Eleven-year-old Squishy (real name Sita) Taylor has just inherited a ‘bonus family’ – an extra mum, two new sisters and a brand new baby brother. Living in Melbourne, Squishy and her twin sisters, Jessie and Vee, get up to all sorts of fun and mischievous adventures.

The top news story in Melbourne has been that of the diamond smugglers believed to be operating  in the heart of the city. Squishy is convinced that her cranky next door neighbour Mr Hinkenbushel is the culprit. With her amazing acrobatic skills, reckless bravery and loyal sisters, Squishy is on the case and will prove once and for all that Mr Hinkenbushel is a criminal mastermind.

Squishy Taylor is an amazing new series for early to middle primary school children. Squishy is fun, smart and quirky and won’t let anything hold her back. Ailsa Wild has created a wonderful role model for both girls and boys to look up to. Ben Wood’s illustrations really make the story of Squishy come alive and some will definitely provide a laugh-out-loud chuckle. There are currently four Squishy Taylor stories available and more on the way so keep your eye out for them.

Recommended for age 7 +


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