Who Is Tom Weekly?

Tom Weekly is the main character in my kids’ book series, My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up, illustrated by funnyman Gus Gordon. Tom Weekly has been with us since 2010. Now, five books, 50+ stories, and 125,000 words into our journey, I wonder if I really know him. I mean, can you ever truly know a weird dude like Tom?

To celebrate the release of My Life & Other Weaponised Muffins I asked Tom to interview himself in a bathroom mirror. Over to you, Tom.

In My Life & Other Weaponised Muffins Tom Weekly and his best friend Jack decide to crush a few world records.

Thanks Tristan. Since I’m going to be rich and famous and stuff, I figure I’d better get used to being interviewed. And who better to interview me than . . . me? I often talk to myself in the mirror using a toothbrush as a microphone. So, this time, I recorded it.

Me: So, tell me, Tom, do you have any pets?

Me: ‘Bando, a dog.’

Me: Fascinating. Can Bando do any special tricks?

Me: ‘He can roll over.’

Me: Really?

Me: ‘No. He can’t do anything.’

Bando involved in another one of Tom’s harebrained schemes.

Me: Favourite food?

Me: ‘Meaty Bites.’

Me: No, I mean your favourite food.

Me: ‘Oh. Mexican. Tacos. Fish tacos. And Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk ice-cream.’

Me: Colour?

Me: ‘Always inside the lines.’

Me: No, I mean, what’s your favourite colour?

Me: ‘Um. Blue.’

Me: If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Me: ’A hippo. Kind of cute-looking but unexpectedly deadly.’

Me: Have you ever kissed a girl?

Me: ‘Yes, but not by choice.’ 

Me: Do you like pie?

Me: ‘Yes, I do like pie. And please stop asking such weird questions. Blueberry pie, by the way. And 


Me: What’s your favourite joke?

Me: ‘I have four.

1) What’s invisible and smells like carrots? 

Bunny farts. 

2) Why did the toilet paper jump off the cliff? 

It was desperate to get to the bottom.

3) Where do you find a tortoise with no legs? 

Right where you left it.

4) Why did the student eat his homework? 

Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake.’ 

Tom practices for his first kiss with the love of his life, Sasha.

Me: Tell us about your new book. 

Me: ‘Well, it has an interview in it where I interview myself in a bathroom mirror.’ 

Me: Wow, very original. What did you ask yourself?

Me: ‘Oh, you know, just stuff.’

Me: What sort of stuff?

Me: ‘Stuff like, “Do you have any pets?”’

Me: Yes, Bando, a dog.

Me: ‘Fascinating. Can Bando do any special tricks?’

Me: He can roll over.

Me: ‘Really?’

Me: No. He can’t do anything.

Me: ‘Favourite food?’

Me: Meaty Bites.

Me: ‘No, I mean your favourite food.’

Send me an interview with yourself and maybe I can put it on my blog or in my next  book: 


P.S. Learn more about Tom Weekly here.



  1. Savannah Peters
    April 13, 2021 / 4:08 pm

    I feel bad for you though Tom
    Jack is a jerk

    • Tristan
      October 5, 2021 / 10:59 am

      Ha! He can be. 😉

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