Writers Mutter

Tristan Bancks Writers Mutter

The importance of muttering while writing is underrated. People in cafes must think I’m insane but I’m usually too deep down in the story to know. I’m in a lockdown in a school or I’m being chased through the bush by a madman or I’m escaping from an immigration detention centre. And as the words flow I’m reading them to myself. I wonder if other writers mutter?

I’m the first audience for the story and I want to hear it, feel it, to know if the pacing and intonation is right. I think I’m checking if it feels true. I’m bringing this story into the real world for the first time and do I believe it or not? Somehow, the spoken word is a better test of truthiness than the word that is only thought. In fact I’m in a cafe right now, writing this, muttering about muttering. I think they’re about to throw me out. Muttering while writing. Can’t recommend it enough.

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