Nit Boy – The Head Lice Are Coming!

Nit Boy Cover Tristan Bancks Heath McKenzie

The head lice are coming! This is Nit Boy, my new book, out July, 2020. If you’ve ever had nits, been a nit inspector or come up with an ingenious new nit cure (like peanut butter, orange juice or wasabi), this is the book for you. It’s actually two books in one – a rerelease of my Nit Boy books which first hit shelves in 2009 with Laguna Bay Publishing, a little publisher who gave me my start as an author.

But it turns out that head lice are still pretty popular on heads everywhere eleven years on. (Why have we not cured this by now?). So we’ve updated the cover and the text and the amazing Heath McKenzie illustrations and Penguin Random House Australia is launching nits back into the world in July. It’s a fun one for this year’s Book Week theme, too – Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

You can pre-order the book via Penguin here. Soon, you’ll be able to see the video book trailer, read the first chapter and listen to the soundtrack here. Or you can sign up for my monthly (really, about four times a year) eNewsletter here to keep up to date on when and how the nits are coming, so you can be prepared. In the meantime, here’s what it’s about…

Meet Lewis Snow. He has the worst case of nits in world history. His teachers and mum want to shave his head. But Lewis has had nits so long, he thinks of them as pets. He’s determined to keep his hair and nits, whatever it takes.
Ned lives on Lewis’s head. He’s the world’s first-ever jumping nit. His dad, the Head Louse, wants Ned to help nits take over the world. But Ned likes it on Lewis’s head. He’s a dandruff-eating vegan who hates the taste of human blood.
And you thought you had problems.
Out 1 July 2020

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