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Cop & Robber (for age 10+) is the first of my books to have the audiobook released simultaneously with paper and ebook. I was lucky enough to narrate the audio as I did on Two Wolves, Detention and also The Fall (which is out 30 August 2022).

Cop & Robber is about Nash Hall, whose mum is a cop and dad is a robber. He spends half the week at each of their houses. Dad’s in a lot of trouble with some very dangerous people and needs Nash’s help to commit a crime to pay them back. Nash’s choice could save both their lives.

You can listen to the first few chapters free at the following links. I hope they hook you!

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I love the process of recording audiobook narration. It’s a great collision of my previous life as a performer and my life over the past fifteen years as an author. I realised, when recording the Cop & Robber audiobook, that I have actually narrated the book a hundred times already when I’m sitting at my desk or out in cafes. People give me weird looks as I mutter the words to myself while I write, but it gives me a chance to hear the story as a reader would. So, going into the booth at Penguin to record the audio, I feel well-rehearsed.

It’s a great team to work with in Veronica and Jason. I love it when we find the rhythm of the story and get a huge chunk recorded before we have to pause or rerecord a section. The process gives me fresh perspective on the story, too. Sometimes I’m surprised by how intense certain scenes or chapters are. I know them intimately but, on some level, it also feels as though I’m reading them for the first time. I like to think that my reaction to the story will flow through to the listener.

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Cop & Robber Audiobook


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