MY LIFE – The series

‘Like Dahl, Bancks is passionate about inspiring a love of reading in the young by placing fun at the centre of his storytelling.’ – Andy Griffiths, Sydney Morning Herald

#1 Bestseller Dymocks Older Readers Chart 
Top 10 Bestseller Bookscan Children’s Fiction Chart

Shortlisted for the YABBA & KOALA Children’s Choice Awards

MY LIFE & Other Exploding Chickens (the brand new book)

Have you ever done a runner from the dentist? Are you petrified of clowns?
Have giant headlice tried to eat you alive? Yes? Well, this book is for you.

MY LIFE & Other Massive Mistakes

Have you ever helped your pop escape from a nursing home? Does your teacher have a problem with his bowels? Have you ever mined your teeth for cash? Is there a girl or boy at school who will stop at nothing to kiss you? And do you know someone with the worst case of nits in world history?

MY LIFE & Other Stuff That Went Wrong

Is your grandpa super-angry? Has your Nan ever tried to climb Mt Everest? Have you started your own playground freak show? And have you ever risked your life to save your pet rat from certain destruction?

MY LIFE & Other Stuff I Made Up

Have you ever been kissed by a dog? Ever had to eat Vegemite off your sister’s big toe? Have you had a job delivering teeth? Has a bloodthirsty magpie ever been out to get you? Ever woken up to discover that everything hovers? And have you eaten 67 hot dogs in ten minutes?

I have. I’m Tom Weekly. This book is full of my stories, jokes, cartoon characters, ideas for theme park rides and other stuff I’ve made up. It’s where I pour out whatever’s inside my head. It gets a bit weird sometimes but that’s how I roll.


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